You Don't Have to Tolerate Junk Faxers

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elephone Consumer Protection Act

There are some circumstances in which it is against the law for organizations or individuals to send unsolicited advertisements and messages via fax machines to your or your business. These are considered to be “junk faxes” and are illegal, according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

There are some instances when a business has the legal right to send you faxes, if you and the business have a prior business relationship. The following types of faxes are allowed under the following rules:

  • An established business relationship can be proven,
  • Your fax number is widely available online and to the general public, or you voluntarily provide your fax number to the business in question, and
  • The business provides a phone number, fax number, address or other means you can use to opt-out of future advertisements.

Unless you specifically note that you do not accept unsolicited advertisements via facsimile, you could be leaving yourself or your business vulnerable to junk faxers. It is important to note that adding your home or business number to the national Do-Not-Call list does not stop junk faxers from sending unsolicited fax advertisements.

If you wish to opt-out of future fax advertisement mailings, you can do so by contacting the company via the phone number, fax number, website or email address provided in the fax advertisement and identifying the exact fax number(s) you want to have opted out. Should you wish to file a complaint about a junk faxer or you want further information about the laws pertaining to fax advertising, you can do so via the FCC’s website.

Your Right to Pursue Monetary Losses

Junk faxers are not just frustrating. Their unwanted promotional materials can cost you and your business valuable time and money.

If your requests to opt out of future fax advertising have been ignored or your attempts to file complaints have not put an end to the harassment, you have a legal avenue that could allow you to collect damages from the company that is harassing you.

The law gives you the right to file a lawsuit against any entity that violates the TCPA if those actions caused you financial loss. In most cases you can pursue $500 in damages for each violation. If the court determines the violator did so intentionally and willingly, the value of the damages you could recover may be tripled.

Justice with the Help of a Skilled Florida Debt Collector Harassment Lawyer

The Florida Debt Fighters are committed to helping our clients fight back against cases of debt collector harassment, telemarketer abuse and unsolicited advertising. Why should you have to put up with incessant and unsolicited fax advertising? Why should you have to pay for faxes you did not request and do not want?

If you are receiving unsolicited junk fax advertising material despite your requests to have these faxes cease, contact our law group now. We can review your case and advise you about how to proceed. We have many years of experience in holding those who violate the TCPA accountable, and we are ready to help you immediately.