Harassed by Debt Collectors? We have an App to Help You!

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Florida Debt Harassment Attorneys

We know you’re busy. If debt collectors are interrupting your day with calls and other harassment, we have an app to help you put an end to that.

Our free app includes tools to help you protect your legal rights and gather evidence of debt collector harassment.

In addition to a variety of information to read about debt collection harassment and how federal and Florida state laws protect you from harassment by third party debt collectors, the app lets you record harassing phone calls and take photos of debt collection letters. Then, you can email this material to your Florida Debt Fighters attorney for action.

When a debt collector breaks the law and harasses you, you may be entitled to up to $1,000 in damages from them for each violation of the law. This app can help you prove the violation.

The Florida Debt Fighters’ End Debt Collector Harassment app is a free download available through Google Play that can be used on Android phones and tablets.

Features available through the app include:

  • Direct links to legal assistance from the Florida Debt Fighters enabling you to chat or contact us by phone or email.
  • Tools to record debt collection phone calls and your immediate recollection of the debt collector’s contact with you.
  • A camera for photographing debt collection letters and forwarding them to your attorneys.
  • Details of your right to be free of debt collection harassment, including what federal and state laws say, and how you can fight back.

Our app is one way the Disparti Law Group’s Florida Debt Fighters are working to help you regain your peace of mind and put an end to debt collector harassment. Contact us online or call 888-717-0547 for more assistance fighting back against debt harassment.