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I cant express myself enough, In saying Thank you!!.

There has been a lot transpire since my sudden death heart attack dec. 16, 2011. I have lost everything including my confidence and self esteem.

Just at the worst point of my life for first time in 25 years when I could not provide the gift of giving at Christmas for my children, I was blessed by you and your law firm.

I was able to secure my purchase on my much needed part for my vehicle, and make my children s x-mas just in the nick of time. I also just had enough to help a few children at St. Joesph’s with a little gift for some children in the hospital on Christmas day. I felt the best in myself in two years. Thank you!!.

Although, I had a mild cardiac arrest on x-mas eve, @ 2:25 pm. I finally see light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like I will get through this mess. I have a follow up appt. on 1/20/2014 to see if my Blood pressure is stable enough to have what I hope is the last heart surgery i will need.

You need to know what you do for people is worth it. I hope at the end of each day you go home, you realize that you have helped someone in need.

Prior to my disability I had a career with ADT Security I used to get letters from customers whom had been violated, or victimized, and after helping them, they could rest, and sleep at night. They power of helping is worth it weight in gold…

May God bless, and be with you and your family.

George Hunter

P.S. Your HALO, and Wings have been requested.