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When I came to the Disparti Law Group, I was looking for someone professional, with integrity that I could trust to help me,  as well as my borrowers. Ryan Hasanbasic, Esq. was referred to me by an attorney I had previously been working with, and he has been an invaluable source for me ever since. He has been able to help me both personally and professionally in my work as a mortgage lender.  I have been delighted to refer many borrowers in need, for the use of his services.

Ryan is a top notch attorney, has an awesome understanding and ability to connect with his client’s needs.   I love working with him because he is extremely proactive, quick to respond and gets results. I know when I am working with Ryan I am working with someone who wants to help me and will work tirelessly for a resolve.

What people need to understand is that their personal security may have been comprised and their rights violated. It’s not necessarily about a debt that they may or may not owe, but rather it’s about their security and their rights under the laws that have been violated. Most folks just don’t know they have rights, this is why Ryan can help them fight back!”