Are You Being Harassed by Midland Credit Management?

8875 Aero Drive, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92123

Midland Credit Management is a third-party asset recovery (debt collection) company. These companies generally buy delinquent credit accounts for less than their face value to profit by collecting as much of the debt as possible.

Midland Credit Management, or MCM, is a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group of San Diego, California. Midland Credit Management says that it services accounts for Midland Funding LLC, which is the creditor or owner of purchased debt obligations.

Midland, or MCM, often turns accounts over to such “affiliates” as:

  • Midland Funding NCC-2 Corporation
  • MRC Receivables Corporation
  • Midland Recovery Corp.

As of mid-April 2014, the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) database listed more than 1,600 complaints about Encore Capital Group. Consumers complaining about Encore allege:

  • Continued attempts to collect debt that the consumer did not owe
  • Threats to take legal action
  • False statements or misrepresentations
  • Refusing to provide information to enable the consumer to verify the debt.

The Better Business Bureau says it has closed 1,226 complaints about Midland Credit Management from April 2011 to April 2014, including 383 closed in the last 12 months of the period. A majority of the complaints (1,107) were about “billing / collection issues.”

A “closed” complaint is one in which the company has responded to the BBB sufficiently. It does not mean the complaining consumer is satisfied.

If you believe Encore Capital Group, Midland Credit Management, Midland Funding LLC or any of the companies’ affiliates have subjected you to harassment in its debt collection tactics, we urge you to contact the Florida Debt Fighters immediately. We can review the potential of filing a harassment case on your behalf today at no charge and explain your legal options.

*Disparti Fowkes & Hasanbasic provides no personal or legal opinion as to the validity of the complaints received by the CFPB. The CFPB’s authority is limited to supervision of debt collection companies with more than $10 million in annual receipts.

Numbers Associated with Midland Credit Management

216 – 216-687-1199
316 – 316-663-1236
320 – 320-260-8568
585 – 585-309-6970
602 – 602-707-0211
704 – 704-837-0421
800 – 800-265-8825, 800-265-8827, 800-306-4443, 800-735-2922, 800-825-8131
858 – 858-309-6013, 858-309-6957, 858-309-6961, 858-309-6962, 858-309-6963, 858-309-6964, 858-309-6967, 858-309-6969, 858-309-6970, 858-309-6977, 858-560-2600
866 – 866-406-7565, 866-626-5046
877 – 877-237-0512, 877-240-2377, 877-420-0039, 877-445-4581, 877-864-3526
888 – 888-403-6206

The above list of phone numbers associated with the listed debt collection agency was created by using numerous online sources, including but not limited to the collection agency’s website and company-affiliated websites, Better Business Bureau, news sites and online consumer forums. The numbers are for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as a complete list of the agency’s phone numbers. The law firm of Disparti Fowkes & Hasanbasic provides no personal or legal opinion concerning this debt collection agency. If you have a question about the sources used to compile this list of phone numbers, simply please us through our online form.