Fight Back Against Debt Collectors

How to Fight Back Against Debt Collectors

If you’re a consumer being harassed by third party debt collectors, you can fight back by doing the following:

  • Have them put everything in writing. All communication about a debt should be in writing – and never discussed over the phone.
  • Request validation. Third party debt collectors routinely try to collect on debts which they cannot substantiate. Always request validation of the debt – in writing and sent by certified mail. Debt collectors must respond to your request and provide information showing the amount of the debt, proof that you owe the debt, and authorization that they are authorized to collect the debt.
  • Don’t make a payment – without finding out more first. Regardless of the tactics a third party debt collector uses to get you to pay a debt, it’s important to find out more about the debt first. Making any payment on an expired debt may revive the statute of limitations.
  • Find out more about the debt collector. Many third party debt collectors have reputations for harassing consumers into paying debts that aren’t theirs or have expired. Before doing anything, make sure to find out more about the debt collector to see if they are legitimate. A quick Internet search will usually do the trick.
  • React to lawsuits – quickly. Although many third party debt collectors cannot substantiate debts, they may file – or pretend to file – a lawsuit against you. Regardless of whether the lawsuit is legitimate, it’s important to react – and quickly. An experienced debt collection attorney can find out whether the lawsuit is valid, how much time you have to respond, and take matters from there.
  • Demand no more contact. The FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from contacting you after receiving a letter demanding that they do not contact you further. An important exception to this rule is that a collector may contact you if the agency plans to take legal action.
  • Contact a reputable debt collection lawyer. A reputable lawyer, like the Tampa, Fla. Team at Florida Debt Fighters, can help you to stop the harassing behavior, get to the bottom of the debt, and deal directly with third party debt collectors to resolve the issue.

Are you a victim of unfair debt collection practices in Florida? It’s important to know that you can, and should, fight back. The debt collection practice attorneys at Florida Debt Fighters, based in Tampa, know first-hand the unethical practices some creditors use to collect debts. We fight debt collectors for consumers just like you and can make bill collectors’ harassing calls stop – once and for all.